Finding Solutions

When faced with divorce and lack of child support, Megan needed help in many ways: food, job skills, and financial assistance. Because Beaufort County United Way and its community partners had already established a path for others in her situation, Megan was able to take some critical steps toward independence.

"The United Way does a lot in our community to bolster collaboration and provide support for people in Megan’s situation. Helping her connect with food assistance, job training, and afterschool care allowed Megan to achieve success. I am always delighted to see how much the United Way makes this kind of impact in Beaufort County." - James A. Madson, United Way Board President

The Beaufort County United Way coordinates its fundraising efforts in a variety of ways throughout the community. Individuals, small businesses, and medium-large sized employers can all easily participate in investing in our community.

Individuals and small businesses can donate by clicking here.

A significant portion of campaign funds come from the corporate sector. Approximately 40 businesses in our community participate in an annual United Way campaign. By running a United Way workplace campaign, these companies and their employees show their commitment to our community. If you are interested in offering a workplace campaign, please contact us for more information.



  • GED Preparation
  • Affordable Housing
  • Tax Advice & Activities for Seniors
  • Literacy for Adults
  • Help for Military Families


  • After School Mentors
  • Parenting Skills & Pregnancy Prevention for Teens
  • Science & Technology Camp
  • Scouting
  • Guidance for Court Involved Youth
  • Counseling & Special Olympics for Those with Developmental Disabilities


  • Fitness Classes for Seniors
  • Prescriptions & Transportation for Mentally Ill
  • Weekend meals for children
  • Cooking Classes


  • Crisis Hot Line
  • Assistance for Families Devastated by Fire or Weather Damage Shelter for Women Escaping from Domestic Violence
  • Homeless Men’s Shelter
  • Hot Meals for Families
  • Emergency Food & Clothing

Thank you to our Sponsors

How much does it take to make ends meet in Beaufort County?

Self Sufficiency Standard and Money Needs Test

When: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time: 9 am- 12 pm
Where: Walmart Parking Lot & Turnage Theatre

For people in need in our community, help is a phone call or web click away through United Way’s NC 2-1-1. It’s a free, confidential, and multilingual information and referral service.

Eating Local in Beaufort County

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Questions For Candidates: A Voter's Guide to Farm and Food Policy in the Carolinas provides guidance for individuals to interact with candidates for elected office about sustainable farming and community food systems.

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