Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace.

~Mother Teresa

Your voice can raise awareness about critical issues and inspire others to get involved.
Lending your voice to be a champion for a cause is another way you can join the Beaufort County United Way in its mission of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors". You can be actively involved in producing positive change in our community.

An infinite number of options exist for you to advocate for the causes you believe in. What issues matter most to you? Conduct some research. Reach out to others with similar passions. Develop a plan of action. Engage community leaders for their support to make a change.

There are a variety of local organizations that will allow you to use your voice on their behalf. Consider contacting the Beaufort County United Way or any one of our community partners to identify ways you can use your knowledge and be part of the solution.

Open your heart. Lend your voice. Give your time. Invest your money. Let's reach out a hand to one, and influence the condition of us all.