United Way Community Assessment Results

Your Voice Matters

Since our inception in 1961, the Beaufort County United Way has been a strong fundraiser. This ability to fundraise made "fundraising" the mission and in return, put our mandate to improve lives and strengthen communities on the back burner. 

This United Way must be a dedicated problem solver who will impact the most critical social issues in our community and build a stronger future. Achieving these goals will require a new way to invest our resources, focus our funding, and build collective impact. This will be a new path for our United Way and the community that will be fueled by voices that matter, YOURS

The results of our community assessment are in. We heard from members of our community on what they feel impacts their ability to thrive. Read here the survey results as of September 2023.

Next Steps

  1. The collection of local data on Health, Education and Financial Stability has been completed and compiled. To review these reports, click on the topic areas:  HEALTH    EDUCATION    FINANCIAL STABILITY
  2. Identifying and mapping where local programs and services are provided in the county will highlight gaps in service delivery and opportunities to strengthen partnerships.
  3. Armed with all this knowledge, United Way will set-up conversation groups to hear lived experiences and learn from the people in our community whose lives we hope to impact. 
  4. Lastly, United Way will convene local experts and community leaders to help develop community goals to build stronger and more equitable communities where everyone has a pathway to opportunity.